Event hooks in Thebe#

When Thebe is launched (with thebelab.bootstrap), it will emit a series of events corresponding to the state of the launch process. You can plug into these events to control the behavior on your page.

To do so, use the status event within Thebe, like so:

   thebelab.on("status", function (evt, data) {
    console.log("Status changed:", data.status, data.message);

In the above code, the data object contains a collection of information about Thebe, and data.status will reflect the current state of Thebe. This will cycle between these states:

  • building

  • built

  • launching

  • ready

These events can be used to do things like running code once the Jupyter Kernels is ready, or manipulating the page DOM before launching Thebe to result in certain behavior (e.g. a “loading status” button).