Configuration Reference#

Here is an example of all possible configuration options for Thebe. This is what you place in between the <script type="text/x-thebe-config"> HTML tags on your page.

  // Whether thebe should automatically trigger the bootstrap upon page load
  // if set to false, the page should contain some additional javascript
  // responsible for triggering the javascript when desired (e.g. connected to a button click).
  bootstrap: false,

  // arbitrary pre-render function called as part of bootstrap
  preRenderHook: false,

  // Whether to request the kernel immediately when thebe is bootstrapped
  // instead of on executing code for the first time
  requestKernel: false,

  // Whether thebe should look for predefined output of cells before execution
  // If this option is enabled and the next div after the cell has the attribute
  // data-output=true (default), then the content of this div is rendered as output
  predefinedOutput: false,

  // The selector for identifying whether an element should be treated as output
  outputSelector: '[data-output]',

  // Options for requesting a notebook server from
  binderOptions: {
    repo: "minrk/ligo-binder",

    // only repo is required, the rest below are defaults:
    ref: "master",
    binderUrl: "",
    // select repository source (optional). Supports Github(default), Gitlab, and Git
    repoProvider: "github",
    savedSession: {
      // if enabled, thebe will store and try to re-use
      // connections (with credentials!) to running servers
      enabled: true,
      maxAge: 86400, // the max age in seconds to consider re-using a session
      storagePrefix: "thebe-binder-",

  // Options for requesting a kernel from the notebook server
  kernelOptions: {
    name: "python3",
    kernelName: "python3",
    path: "."
    // notebook server configuration; not needed with binder
    // serverSettings: {
    //      "baseUrl": "",
    //      "token": "test-secret"
    //    }

  // Selector for identifying which elements on the page should
  // be made interactive
  selector: "[data-executable]",

  // Optional prompt handling during the rendering phase
  // Either false or a dictionary as in the example below
  stripPrompts: false,
  // stripPrompts: {
  //      inPrompt: 'sage: ',
  //      continuationPrompt: '....: ',
  //      // only apply the prompt stripping to cells matching this selector (optional)
  //      selector: '.sage-input',
  //    },

  // URL from which to load mathjax
  // set to `false` to disable mathjax
  mathjaxUrl: "",

  // mathjax configuration string
  mathjaxConfig: "TeX-AMS_CHTML-full,Safe",

  // Additional options to pass to CodeMirror instances
  codeMirrorConfig: {},